Puppies love to chew! With our 11-piece pack, your dog will not chew your furniture or shoes. Chewing, exercising and playing with these toys will keep your dog healthy and happy.


The set comes with:
😊 A FREE bag to keep and transport the toys 
😉 A small SURPRISE gift for your puppy


Variety. Our set includes a bundle of 11 toys in beautiful and vibrant colors to meet the requirements for your puppies. It’s the best combination for dogs of all sizes.


With 11 different toys to choose from you have an unlimited number of games to play. Our set includes big, medium and small sized toys:

* 7.5” diameter Frisbee 
* 9” Giraffe 
* 9” Carrot 
* Two 11.5” Rope with a Knot at each end 
* 23.2” Rope with 4 Knots 
* 23.6” Rope with 3 Knots 
* 18.1” Rope Knot with pulling handle 
* 15.7” Rope Knot with a Ball and a pulling handle 
* 3.1” diameter Rope Ball 
* 8” Rope Bar

Set of 11 dog rope toys

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